When the Best Idea Fails

When the Best Idea Fails (sold out)

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital


Oct 10

06:00 07:30 PM


Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation

2 North Grove St Boston, MA 02114



“Fail faster” and “iterate” might be corporate catch phrases, but when it comes to medical innovation, it’s a completely different story. The science world looks unfavorably upon failure. Negative results that are unlikely to make headlines often go unpublished and researchers gravitate toward areas of study with a higher likelihood of success and funding dollars. From researching new drugs for treatment-resistant depression and engineering human organs in the lab to inventing medical devices to prevent deaths in developing nations, Massachusetts General Hospital physician researchers are serial innovators who are helping to change the world by moving past setbacks and failure to bravely pursue their passions. In this provocative panel discussion, we’ll explore the psychological effects and value of failure in the scientific journey.

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