Twilight: Exploring the Unconscious Mind

Twilight: Exploring the Unconscious Mind

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital


Oct 11

06:00 07:30 PM


Ether Dome, Bulfinch Building, Massachusetts General Hospital

55 Fruit St Boston, MA 02114



What happens to our brains in that mystical space between consciousness and unconsciousness? In this session, we’ll explore Massachusetts General Hospital’s renowned place in medical history in the first use of ether as anesthesia, which took place in 1846 right within the Ether Dome, and how that event changed medicine forever. We’ll look toward the future of personalized anesthesia and its potential for eliminating chronic pain, depression and insomnia, as well as the new avenues of brain study that are being opened thanks to it. We’ll also address how advances in anesthesiology research could help address the opioid epidemic.