The Swiss Touch: Exploring Digital Utopia

The Swiss Touch: Exploring Digital Utopia (sold out)

Hosted by swissnex Boston in partnership with Presence Switzerland (PRS) and Swiss Touch USA


Oct 13

05:00 07:00 PM


swissnex Dome

City Hall Plaza Boston, MA 02201



AR and VR technologies have pushed forward the limits of self-immersion and entertainment, but continue to be experienced individually. By contrast, the 360 degree full-dome format allows audiences to share a collective, sensory exposure to immersive art and storytelling.

From Buckminster Fuller’s original vision to the Arctic Dome at Coachella, from the counterculture of the 1960’s and early 1970’s to 2018, the dome holds strong as a communal space for gathering together and sharing.

Join us for this evening event, part of HUBweek 2017, to share in some of the cutting-edge uses of the dome-as-viewing platform. David G. Rabkin, Artist, Innovator, and Former Director of the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science Boston, will host a panel representing various facets of digital art, discussing explorations of a digital utopia. The panelists will also showcase their work with visual support from the Swiss Touch Table.

  • Paola Gazzani Marinelli, Head of Digital and Professional Programs at Geneva International Film Festivaland Board Member at Le D.I.X, a new exhibition space dedicated to digital art – Geneva
  • François Moncarey, Multidisciplinary Artist and Co-Founder of MySquare, a digital interactive and performative studio – Geneva
  • Sophie Le Meillour,*Visual and Interdisciplinary Artist exploring the multiple facets of the image through drawings, photographs, videos and installations – Geneva
  • Fabrice Starzinskas,Founder of Rosettta, an initiative focused on global creative sustainability, operates at the crossroads between strategy, innovation & creativity– Paris
  • Patrick Pomerleau, Co-Owner and Project Manager at NEST Immersion, a collective of 3D artists and motion graphics designers creating experiences for immersive environments – Montreal
  • Moderated by: David G. Rabkin, Artist, Innovator, and Former Director of the Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science Boston– Boston