The HUBweek Food Opera

The HUBweek Food Opera

Hosted by HUBweek


Oct 14

12:00 01:00 PM


Blue Dome, The HUB

1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02108



For the past seven years, composer Ben Houge has been collaborating with chefs to develop multi-sensory dining experiences that he calls “food operas.” These events borrow concepts and technologies from the fields of video game design and sound installation to achieve an unprecedentedly close pairing of music with food.

In collaboration with chef Tracy Chang of acclaimed Cambridge restaurant Pagu, Ben will present an excerpt from “Quiver, Pop, and Dissolve: Three Essays in Gastromorphology,” premiered in London in the summer of 2017, allowing attendees to experience a customized audio-gustatory experience with samples accompanied by a soundtrack deployed via their own mobile devices.