The Harvard Yard Archaeology Project Experienced in Augmented Reality

The Harvard Yard Archaeology Project Experienced in Augmented Reality (sold out)

Hosted by Harvard Library


Oct 11

02:30 03:30 PM


Cabot Science Library

1 Oxford St The Science Center Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138



In Fall 2016, Harvard students continued campus excavations, focusing on the location of Harvard’s 17th century campus, which included the Old College—the oldest university building in the country—as well as the Harvard Indian College, other structures, and land. Archaeological and historical records of early Harvard bring to life the experiences of this institutional community, teaching us not only that is there an untold story to be unearthed, but also that we may have some things in common with our antecessors. As such, archaeological data recovered from Harvard Yard provide a richer and more nuanced view of the 17th- through 19th-century lives of students and faculty living and working in Harvard Yard.

Via an augmented reality application and accompanying Omeka site, you can view the 2016 excavations conducted at the location of the Old College building and explore student research regarding artifacts that they recovered. What new stories will we tell? What more can we say about Harvard’s first buildings and its earliest students? How do we preserve that history and heritage and continue to bring it to the public?

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