Art of Talking Science Competition: Rise of the Machines

Art of Talking Science Competition: Rise of the Machines (sold out)

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital


Oct 11

02:00 04:00 PM


Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation

2 North Grove St Boston, MA 02114



One of the biggest challenges that scientists face is effectively communicating their work and ideas to important audiences such as donors, investors, the media and the public. While new and emerging science involving artificial intelligence (A.I.) and deep learning has been memorably communicated by science fiction writers and filmmakers for decades, it has been more of a challenge for researchers today in this rapidly developing field. How do they effectively explain what they are doing and how it will directly impact every part of our lives? How do they take this complex subject and help people understand its possibilities instead of fear it? Join us for this lively, fast-paced competition hosted by the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute as researchers in artificial intelligence present their work in front of you–a live audience–and a panel of expert science communicators.

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