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Looking for an answer to one of these questions? You’re in the right place.


  • Who is behind HUBweek?
    • HUBweek is a joint collaboration between The Boston Globe, Harvard University, MIT, and Mass. General Hospital. In addition to our four founders, HUBweek is a first-of-its-kind civic collaboration, and we have worked with a community of over 150 really smart, inventive and creative organizations to make HUBweek a reality each year. 
  • What’s the purpose of HUBweek?
    • We boil it down to three things: 1) our goal is to support and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Boston–and to connect people to it from here and abroad. There is a unique concentration of brainpower, ingenuity and creativity in this region that has global impact. 2) To serve as a platform to spark ideas and trigger solutions that improve the human condition. We believe that collaboration accelerations innovation. 3) To provide an on-ramp to the innovation economy in Boston to both future and current innovators. We firmly believe that a good idea can come from anyone, anywhere.
  • Is HUBweek an annual event?
    • Yes. HUBweek just wrapped its third year. Stay tuned for details on HUBweek 2018!
  • How is HUBweek different than or similar to other city-based festivals?
    • Though we are not only for Bostonians, HUBweek is authentically of Boston and Cambridge. At HUBweek, you will find the top innovators and ideas from a wide range of industry in Boston that will have an immediate impact on our future. HUBweek is unique in that it has the backing of four global, leading institutions: MIT, Mass. General Hospital, Harvard and the Globe, who are working together to connect doers and dreamers to the work happening in the Greater Boston region.
  • What can I expect to get at HUBweek?
    • Besides a t-shirt, the chance to learn, meet, and try something new: Unexpected experiences. Ideas that challenge your status-quo. An understanding around what’s happening now that will impact your future tomorrow. The opportunity to create meaningful connections with change-makers, leaders, peers. A deeper connection to the innovation ecosystem in Boston.
  • Who attends HUBweek?
    • HUBweek is not an industry conference. One thing that is special about this experience is that you will find people from a number of different industries, job titles, backgrounds, age groups, and interests. We believe the best ideas happen when you break down silos and step out of your comfort zone. HUBweek programming is relevant for experts in related fields (education, technology, healthcare, science, art), but very much open to the curious. Attendees represent CEOs and founders, growing startups, leaders in the life sciences, biotech, and digital health, researchers, artists, scientists, policy nuts, service providers, and more.
  • Can I attend HUBweek?
    • If you made it this far, the answer is yes! HUBweek was built to be inclusive. There are no pre-requisites beyond curiosity, a hunger to learn and experience, and an interest in what’s happening in the Boston innovation ecosystem. 
  • When will HUBweek take place?
    • HUBweek 2018 will take place in Boston October 9-14, 2018.
  • When will details be announced?
    • Soon! We’ll be announcing details on the 2018 open call and curation process in January, with details on the festival to be announced in the spring.

Participation Opportunities

  • Who produces HUBweek events?
    • The HUBweek staff, founding partners, and collaborators produce HUBweek events.
  • What is the criteria for a HUBweek event?
    • HUBweek events align with the HUBweek mission and purpose, are non-discriminatory, collaborative and inclusive. More details on 2018 criteria will be announced soon.
  • What is the HUBweek Collaboration Call?
    • An opportunity for you to get involved. HUBweek is fiercely collaborative and the majority of our programming is produced in partnership with our founders and/or collaborators. The 2018 Collaboration Call will open in January. Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified as new opportunities become available. We look forward to hearing your ideas in 2018!
  • Do you have a list of confirmed speakers? Can I suggest one or be one?
    • We’d love to hear more. Please share them with us here.
  • What are the benefits of being a Collaborator?
    • As a HUBweek Collaborator, you will have the opportunity to share your expertise, connect with the HUBweek community, and be a part of a big moment here in Boston.
  • How do I become a Collaborator?
    • Collaborators are organizations who contribute programming and expertise to HUBweek. Check back in 2018!
  • Are there sponsorship opportunities available for 2018?
    • Yes. There are still a number of opportunities beyond event collaboration for those organizations who are interested in getting more heavily involved in HUBweek. Please let us know more about your interests here.
  • What is the process or cost of hosting an event?
    • While there is no cost to apply to participate, the process and cost depends heavily on the type of event you would like to host or participate in. Collaborators who host events are responsible for the costs of hosting their own event, and work with HUBweek to co-market the event as a HUBweek event. Panels at HUBweek’s ideas festival will be produced by HUBweek. Limited stipends will be available for artists producing custom work.
  • Are there other ways to get involved?
    • This is a big yes. But, you’ll have to wait a bit. Stay tuned!
  • Can I suggest something that doesn’t already exist?
    • Definitely! Shoot us a note here, we’ll do our best to get back to you soon.
  • Are there exhibitor/booth opportunities available?
    • Sign up for the HUBweek newsletter and keep your eye out next spring–there’s a good chance we’ll have what you’re looking for in 2018.
  • Are there volunteer opportunities available?
    • First, thank you for asking. Second, yes! We’ll have more details in late spring.


  • Who do we contact for press inquiries?
    • Please contact our PR team at media@hubweek.org.
  • Will press credentials be offered?
    • Yes. Press credentials for HUBweek 2018 will be available next summer.
  • Can I use the HUBweek logo and/or HUBweek media assets?
    • Reach out to us at media@hubweek.org and we’ll hook you up.