The Organ Generation

The Organ Generation

Hosted by Harvard University and Harvard Stem Cell Institute


Oct 10

08:30 10:00 AM


Harvard Club of Boston

374 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02115



With more than 119,000 adults and children hoping for a life-saving organ on the national transplant waiting list and only 15,000 organ donors in a given year, the US suffers from a donor organ shortage. All the while, those fortunate enough to receive an organ transplant may have to fight against their own bodies, which often reject the new organ as a foreign object. Now, breakthroughs in gene-editing, 3D bioprinting, xenotransplantation, and de- & re-cellularizing “bioartificial” organs offer a glimpse of a future in which a steady and reliable supply of immune-matched organs may be possible. See and hear from Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) scientists on the cutting edge of this research.