Slideshow — I (Thursday)

Hosted by Now + There


Oct 12

06:00 06:45 PM



1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201

“Slideshow” is a series of curated slide talks by ten Boston-area women, each featuring a week in the presenter’s life, as documented by her in 25 images. Using analog Kodak slides, Slideshow invites you to peer into the lives of women throughout Boston — women who often go unnoticed or unrecognized, and who will share their lives with the public in their own words and images.

“Slideshow” is a project by Elisa H. Hamilton, whose work elevates the ordinary to extraordinary, and co- presented/supported by Now + There, which supports the work of artists who raise up voices often unheard in Boston. Now + There is a non profit organization dedicated to creating impactful public art projects in Greater Boston.

Thursday’s program will kick off the series with a talk by artist Elisa H. Hamilton.

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