Linked Threats: Climate Change and Social Inequality

Linked Threats: Climate Change and Social Inequality (sold out)

Hosted by Sustainable Solutions Lab, McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston in partnership with City of Boston


Oct 12

03:30 04:30 PM



1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



Three of the most stubborn problems facing humanity today are deepening economic inequality, persistence of racial discrimination, and intensification of climate change. In Boston, we face the intersection of all three. In this presentation, we will discuss what Boston and other global cities are doing to build resilience, spark innovation, integrate research and action, and thus achieve the depth, speed, and scale of change to align our aspirations with the physical and moral demands of the century ahead.

Efforts at UMass Boston’s Sustainable Solutions Lab, the Green Ribbon Commission and the City of Boston’s offices of Environment, Energy and Open Space and office of Resilience have launched innovative ideas in planning, research, implementation and policy to lay the groundwork for addressing climate justice in a comprehensive and holistic way. We will explore lessons learned from Boston and other US and international cities.