Finding Heaven Under Our Feet

Finding Heaven Under Our Feet

Hosted by Jan 70/One Take Media in partnership with Weber Dance


Oct 10

08:00 09:45 PM


Auditorium, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

415 Main St Cambridge, MA 02142



Film screening of documentary Finding Heaven Under Our Feet: Making Modern Dance, followed by panel discussion exploring the potential of art to address social challenges such as climate change.

Finding Heaven Under Our Feet: Making Modern Dance, a feature-length documentary, is a journey through time. Choreographer and dance historian, Dr. Jody Weber describes the roots of modern dance in the expressive dance movement of 19th century Boston, illustrating the art form’s ties to the early 20th century women’s rights movement. Seeing herself as an heir to these early innovators, Weber works with her Somerville-based dance company to address the elusive nature of the genre through community engagement, audience education and the ability of artists to use their work to tackle social and cultural issues, such as climate change and our relationship with the planet.

Following the film we will engage in a dialogue about art as an amplifier, catalyst or driver in meeting social, scientific or technological challenges. Panel will include choreographer/historian Dr. Jody Weber, science and social/environmental policy expert, Bina Venkataraman, and filmmaker Chris Engles, and will be moderated by WBUR’s Lisa Mullins.


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