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Founded in December 2014 by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, HUBweek is a first-of-its-kind civic collaboration and weeklong festival that brings together the most creative and inventive minds making an impact in art, science and technology.

There is a unique concentration of brainpower, ingenuity, and creativity in the Greater Boston region; it draws people from around the world and from every industry. The unifying characteristic is a willingness to attack big problems, and a focus on making life better and improving the human condition at both a local and global level. 

HUBweek exists to support and strengthen that innovation ecosystem – and to connect people to it from here and abroad. 

 We believe in collaboration, inclusivity and, above all, impact. We have built a community of thousands of smart, curious, creative people working hard to build a better future. We hope you’ll join us.

HUBweek Staff

Questions? Check our FAQ page here. Want to work with us? We’ll be looking to add smart, creative, curious people to our team soon. Shoot us a note here and let us know why you’re interested.

HUBweek Founders

  • The Boston Globe
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • MIT